When I grow up

When I grow up, I would like to play AFL or NBL. I would really want to play in the NBA. Later on in my life I would want to become a police officer or a scientist to make cures for life taking disease such as  MND ( my grandfather had this), FTD ( my grandfather had this too ), Cancer and any other diseases.


My weekend

My weekend was pretty fun.

I started my weekend off with a movie night at school. We watched big hero 6, I also had pizza and sushi.

On Saturday I played basketball and unfortunately lost by 4 points. I then went to my Nonnas and watched a different movie. Later that day I went to church and went to a pizza restaurant. we had really nice food there.

The next day I played football, and also lost. I then with my cousin went to a building site and tried to have some fun there. Hours later my cousin, brother and I went to my cousins house and played Xbox and soccer.