My inquiry project is about animals and how they have devolved, plus the different animals features.

For example I might do a project on an eagle and find out different features such talons and its beak

I will tell you more about when I have learnt more about this topic,


There has been some good music lately . I have been on my iPod and been downloading the latest music. I really like music, because I think I feel like I am in a different world. Some Italian Music I like too. My Mum said she grew up with Italian music, as my family and  I are Italian/Italian heritage.




Grandparents Day

We had Grandparents day on Friday. This a great day because you get to show Grandparents your work. We then have a nice mass with the grandparents.


Today’s round of basketball my team and I played was fantastic. We caught up really well.  In the first half we were not playing well, the opposition were dominating.  At half time the score board read 3 VS 9.

At half time our coach told us to not get blocked on the sides, instead go straight through the middle. We all tried our best to do so. I can remember myself and a couple of mates doing the same thing.  Since we were playing well, dribbling through the middle of the court, passing the ball around and defending with our hands straight up, we had our self a 1 point lead. We then got more points. The opposition had only got 4 points in that half. We had got 14 points though.

We ended up having a well deserved 4 point win.

What a great game !!!