Today’s round of basketball my team and I played was fantastic. We caught up really well.  In the first half we were not playing well, the opposition were dominating.  At half time the score board read 3 VS 9.

At half time our coach told us to not get blocked on the sides, instead go straight through the middle. We all tried our best to do so. I can remember myself and a couple of mates doing the same thing.  Since we were playing well, dribbling through the middle of the court, passing the ball around and defending with our hands straight up, we had our self a 1 point lead. We then got more points. The opposition had only got 4 points in that half. We had got 14 points though.

We ended up having a well deserved 4 point win.

What a great game !!!


My New house

Very soon I will be moving into a new house. It will be a very big house. It will have 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 5 toilets and 3 lounge rooms. Right now I am in a house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 lounge rooms. My new house will be a double story. This will be a big change for me, as we are selling lots of old furniture. I will miss these objects. I  have spent more than half my life with this furniture. It will be hard to say goodbye to my old house, but I will finally have my own room .

When I grow up

When I grow up, I would like to play AFL or NBL. I would really want to play in the NBA. Later on in my life I would want to become a police officer or a scientist to make cures for life taking disease such as  MND ( my grandfather had this), FTD ( my grandfather had this too ), Cancer and any other diseases.


My weekend

My weekend was pretty fun.

I started my weekend off with a movie night at school. We watched big hero 6, I also had pizza and sushi.

On Saturday I played basketball and unfortunately lost by 4 points. I then went to my Nonnas and watched a different movie. Later that day I went to church and went to a pizza restaurant. we had really nice food there.

The next day I played football, and also lost. I then with my cousin went to a building site and tried to have some fun there. Hours later my cousin, brother and I went to my cousins house and played Xbox and soccer.

My new goals

In my writing I want to have more powerful language so the reader is interested in my writing. I want to describe how someone did something like this ” the fox stealthily crept down the hill. ”

I will tell you if I have achieved this.


I play baksketball.

Right now my team are play grading games. This means the leauge trys to get your team play with teams at the same skill level as your team.

Our team has won all of our games so far. These were the scores- 1st game 25-15, my team won. Second game 28-8, my team won, 3rd game 37-8, what a win

.36:365 Playing BallCreative Commons License Camera Eye Photography via Compfight


I play football and I love playing.

My team is really good. When I football I play backman. this is my favourite position. I like backman because I get to tackle a lot.


Anzac day

Last Friday, as a whole school we had an Anzac ceremony. We had different objects that were related to war.

On the real Anzac I woke up at 4:40 and went to the Anzac day celebration at Box hill. Later that day I watched the footy and Collingwood won against Essendon.